Guest post on Social Media Club of Dallas

Posted by Diane Feffer on 13 June 2014 | Comments

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Social Media Club of Dallas asked me to contribute a blog post.  I enjoyed writing this piece and hope it helps you connect the dots on why documentaries can be a good tool 

within your marketing strategy, especially if you are trying to reach a narrow and very defined target market.

My first love is sharing content on the big screen--I’m talking 30 x 70 ft. movie theater size screens. “Hi, my name is Diane and I enjoy documentaries, “… that is how I’ve introduced myself over 50 times to audiences in dimly lit theatres and a few mega-churches. Using social media for marketing, I create events that promote a product or service by associating it with a documentary film on screen. Documentaries (or ‘docs’ as we call them) are by nature ‘themed’ which makes them ideal as content rich tools to reach niche audiences.  Even with tightly focused target markets, it’s possible to find a documentary that will speak directly to that particular need. For instance, I recently helped Kewl Innovations get in front of parents of ….... read more