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About Diane

Diane spent her formative years growing up in Kenai, Alaska. She started her career in Dallas after earning her BBA and MBA from UNT.  

In today’s world of non-personal communication, her gift of “being at ease in calling folks she doesn’t know” is an asset whether she is pitching an author to a group or laying groundwork for a grand opening in a new market. She credits her six years as a stockbroker in the 80’s as perfect training for being comfortable in reaching out to new people on a daily basis.

In the 90’s Diane was Director of Marketing for Cinemark International opening up 64 theatres in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru. Through this expansion period, she developed a passion for grand openings. She thoroughly enjoys the pressure of taking a new or renovated property, identifying the target audience and driving the intended traffic, all within a short period of time. Her performance is based on the traffic count and customer retention.   

Connecting the dots is what Diane does best!


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